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Sitecore - own the experience

Welcome to Coresighted, a blog about Sitecore from a rather farsighted and very much coresighted consultant living in Malmö, Sweden, working at Cybercom. I’ve spent too long just absorbing the wisdoms and experiences of others in the Sitecore blogosphere and thus it’s high time to make some kind of effort to start contributing as well. After being too busy/lazy (choose wisely) for years I’m finally putting my money where my mouth is.

A short Sitecore recap

SitecoreCMSSitecore once was a Web Content Management System based on the .Net platform. It’s still based on the .Net platform. So what else has happened? Just that Sitecore quite early came up with the notion that the web actually might be more of a marketing and communications channel rather than an IT tool.

So Sitecore created the Online Marketing System (OMS) way back in 2009 as an addon module to the Sitecore CMS, version 6.1. The OMS was intended as a tool for marketers to facilitate radical concepts such as personalisation of web content, multi-variant testing, goals, campaigns and engagement plans as well as statistics and reports to go with these marketing features.

Sitecore - own the experienceFrom here on, Sitecore started altering its identity from the original Web Content Management System tag into something more along the lines of a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) or a Customer Experience Management (CXM) or simply the Sitecore Experience Platform (Sitecore XP) which I think is still the valid description branding for Sitecore 8, the latest version released in December 2014. By now Sitecore has come quite a long way in transforming from an IT tool into a platform for marketing and communication where the ultimate goal is to present the most relevant experience possible, adapted to each visitor, based on both past analytics data as well as on the current behavior of the visitor.

This holistic view regarding what a unified platform for digital communication should be is what really makes Sitecore stand out from its competition. It doesn’t hurt that there still is a very well designed Content Management System at the core of things either. Pun intended, thank you.

In order to avoid sucking up any more the next post will be about a Sitecore 7.5 bug, disguised as a feature.

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