Busted flat in Baton Rouge – preparing for Sitecore Symposium 2016


It’s Saturday September 10 2016 and #sitecoresym is just a few days away now.

I was very pleased when I found out that my employer Consid decided to send four persons to New Orleans for this event. Me being one of them of course made me even happier. It certainly shows that Consid believes strongly in the Sitecore platform, which in turn makes me feel even more at home working for the company. [Insert joke here about sucking up to employer]

The regular symposium takes place on Thursday Sept 15 and Friday Sept 16 but on the Wednesday there are some “pre-symposium seminars/developer day” sessions and I will attend “Becoming An Experience Developer – A Technical Deep Dive into xDB” hosted by Sitecore’s Martina Welander. I have very high expectations, partly since I’ve had the pleasure of following Martina’s blogs, videos and presentations for quite some time and they are always both entertaining and packed with useful knowledge. No pressure, Martina.

I have also noted that I’m so full of enthusiasm regarding the symposium itself that I’ve hardly realized that I’m about to undertake quite a journey. It’s very likely that I never would have visited New Orleans otherwise and I really look forward to experiencing some of the geography, culture and context of Dixie in general and concepts such as Cajun, Creole and Zydeco in particular.

On the symposium itself I can only conclude that it’s now harder than ever to choose between the parallel tracks, not to mention the sessions within these tracks. I will attend technology sessions almost exclusively, but I have a great interest in all the tracks. For example, I’m very curious about how the “Getting started” sessions will be presented. From a strict business perspective they are probably the most useful sessions when you think of clients that could benefit from using Sitecore but are using something else today. I’ll write another post about this soon.

But maybe this time around, Sitecore will actually make all the presentations available online after the symposium has ended. If so, it would be the single greatest thing about the whole symposium.


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